Why Choose A-Sharp

What we do that makes a difference.

Passionate Design

For as long as I can remember I have had a burning passion for Design, from complete front end development to basic Graphic Design.


I have an extensive working knowledge of SQL Server, and how I can use the .Net framework to deliver data within a database to a services UI.

Affordable Solutions

I will work with you to determine a highly competetive and affordable cost for the whole solution whilst constantly taking your financial situation into account.


My vast tech stack allows for me to develop modern day features and solutions such as fully fledged e-commerce platforms.


My extensive knowledge of SQL Server allows me to easily integrate a large series of Databases, both small and huge into your system as well as complex functions to interact with your database, including both inserting data and retrieving data in a user friendly format.

Using a database allows you to make your website personal by providing you with the ability to optimize your websites content towards audiances interests, this is made possible due to a databases large capacity and great variation in data types. Safety of customers is always my first concern and with said, I will strictly abide by all GDPR policies and provide encryption of data.

My Mission

Why I am passionate about Web Design

I strongly believe in my clients and their drive to become the best they can possibly be. This is why I am driven to provide users with their perfect web solution for any means necessary.

I take pride in my ability to deliver:

  • Complete Database Integration
  • Complex Landing Design with Advanced CSS
  • Custom Layout and Colour Scheme

Forget about working tirelesly around large scale Development companies whilst recieving minimal suppport and revisions. I believe in perfection and will work closely with you to deliver your solution as efficiently as possible in a time frame that works for you!

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